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            The lure of the sea....      The lure of the striper....     The lure of two magnificent islands....       



    If you have ever fished for stripers, or if you simply appreciate the beauty of the Atlantic's coastal regions, you will love the stories and adventures of the Chronicles. Orsi skillfully guides us through 30 years of island fishing adventures that were tremendously exciting, almost always challenging and sometimes just plain comical. The Chronicles' cast of characters is a fabulous array and a wide spectrum of endearing and charismatic surf fishing personalities, not the least of whom are some of the most well known and admired fishing legends of their time — Rebelle Felice, Mac Swienton and Frank Daignault, to mention a few.

    The expert surfcaster as well the beginner (and even the non-fisherman) will relate to and appreciate the interesting variety of situations that evolve around the basic and relatively simple plan of all surf fishing expeditions — to catch fish, lots of them. But now and then the forces of nature, Murphy’s Law of Fishing, and luck (or the lack thereof) have different agendas for the unsuspecting fisherman. Hurricanes, dense fog, equipment failures, pitch-black nights and The Perfect Storm — all contribute to some wild and exciting fishing stories.    

    So sit back in your Adirondack deck chair, or sink into the fireside sofa with a wee nip, and take a journey to the magnificent islands of Striper Chronicles.






      It has existed forever — the enticing lure of these three. The sea, the striper, and the islands.....  well known to Rhode Islanders for centuries.

    Although now, more than ever before, it's not just the Rhode Islanders who enjoy these enticing pleasures. Each season the masses come from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts — from all over the country. Just for a few precious days of embracing the peaceful solitude and unique character of two magnificent islands..... Jamestown and the Block.  And who would argue with that?

    But along with the majestic bluffs and the scent of beach rose-sweetened sea mist, another island attraction has now blossomed into  prominence — it's the king of the surf,  the master of surf fishing excitement....  the striped bass













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