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                           Leo N. Orsi, Jr.


     Leo was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey where he first discovered his love for surf fishing through frequent family outings to the Jersey shore. He developed a special passion for pursuing the striped bass, especially following his introduction as a young teenager to Jamestown and Block Island, Rhode Island.

    For more than 30 years, Leo has walked the nighttime shorelines of these two islands spending the majority of his free time in search of the elusive striper. His enthusiasm for the sport has taken him on a lifelong journey through



many exciting  and sometimes extraordinary coastal fishing adventures. Through the years that he has spent fishing and studying these two islands and their shoreline intricacies, Leo has become a master at finding and enticing the piscatorial monarch of the surf to strike at his lures. There are few fishermen who know the shorelines of Jamestown and the Block as well as Leo ― and now, through the Chronicles, many of the island nuances and his striper secrets are divulged for the first time.

     Leo is also a strong advocate of intelligently managing the fishing resource. He has served on the board of the Tampa Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association and he is a member of the Connecticut and Massachusetts CCA chapters,  as well as the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association.  


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