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                 Striper Chronicles  



                                                                                                              © 2004 AKMO Publishers     All Rights Reserved

                               "All fishermen believe they have great fishing stories to tell, but Leo Orsi's will leap off the pages at you. All the successes and losses, triumphs and tragedies, the camaraderie and memories that make surf fishing such a joy come to life in Striper Chronicles." 

                         —Johno Sisto, The Block Island Times Book Review, Publisher of the Book Nook Press.  

                        "Other than salt spray on the face, or the exquisite pain of a hook through the finger, this book is as close as you can get to experiencing the salt-water fishing experience that is part of every New Englander's DNA." 

                        —Brian Williams, NBC News Anchor 


                        "Striper Chronicles, a new book by Leo N. Orsi, Jr., is a gem. It's a sparkling memoir about 48 years of striped bass fishing -- much of it on Conanicut and Block islands -- and some of the wonderful Rhode Islanders who have contributed to the sport, including Joe Mollica and Johnny Martini and the late Rebelle Felice and Mac Swienton."   ".......Orsi fills Striper Chronicles with precise and literate memories of the people and places that make Rhode Island such a wondrous place for sport fishermen."

                        —Tom Meade, Distinguished Outdoors Editor, The Providence Journal


                     "Striper Chronicles transports me back to my youth and the days when I sat in the shadows of the tackle shop listening to the old timers spin yarns and relive their experiences. Orsi blends personal experiences about his beloved fishing grounds along with striper history every bass hungry fisherman can relate to. These accounts are akin to eavesdropping on conversations of high liners disclosing tales and information you’d never be privy to under ordinary circumstances. Chronicles is an interesting, informative and enjoyable read."  

                    —Charley Soares, Celebrated outdoors author, Field Editor of the Fisherman Magazine, Feature Writer for On The Water Magazine.

        "Awesome fish in awesome weather — this is a book that captures the essence of striper fishing on the beaches. Leo Orsi is an expert angler with a knack for finding monster bass, and a real sense of the history and traditions of the sport. It's literate, accurate writing, and a nostalgic memory of times and fish and men gone by."

                      —Frank Sargeant, award-winning author, Distinguished Outdoors Editor for the Tampa Tribune and projects editor for Florida Sportsman magazine.


            "Striped bass fishing in the waters off Block Island, Rhode Island is legendary, and Leo Orsi's Striper Chronicles offers the best look yet at the tradition of fishing "The Block" and personalities who come from near and far to chase stripers." 

                            Gene Bourque, Editor, On The Water magazine, author of "Fishing New England, A Cape Cod Shore Guide"; "Fishing New England, A Rhode Island Shore Guide"; "Fishing New England, A Boater's Guide to Cape Cod and The Islands"


                        "The striped bass is the most popular marine species in the Northwest Atlantic, and the set for Leo Orsi’s play is smack dab in the middle of that species’ range. Orsi does more than expose the great fishing of the time. He also examines the influence of surfcasting’s drama upon those who dabble in its craft while risking a greater commitment. Indeed, new striper stories are a lot like wine in that they benefit from sitting a while and fermenting. The Chronicles seizes upon that. Orsi skillfully takes us back to shores that are known and loved by many and to a life I, too, once knew and loved."

                       Frank Daignault, celebrated outdoors author and contributing editor for Salt Water Sportsman and Field and Stream magazines.