Striper Chronicles            


           Imagine, if you will, two of the most magnificent islands in New England,  their pristine coastlines kissed by the glistening Atlantic, their shores dotted with    summertime mansions, their histories rich in colonial heritage, and their waters  home to one of the most sought-after fish on earth.....,   

        ~the great striped bass~

      A better stage for the Chronicles could not have been envisioned on any other island pair than Jamestown and the Block. These two islands are abundantly rich in fishing legends, fishing lore and fishing history.

    Striper Chronicles takes you on a journey of true striped bass fishing adventures that were tremendously exciting, almost always challenging and sometimes just plain comical.

    While there is certainly no substitute for actually being on one of the islands with your surf rod in hand and casting into the sea, sometimes curling up in front of the fireplace on a cold night with a wee nip and a great book can bring  you
close. Here are some adventures that may bring you home again, or that may entice you to try a magnificent sport if you have never before done so.

     Please come inside for a look........



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